Natural Gas

Natural Gas Programs, Customized For Your Business

At MSI, we know you have enough on your plate running your business, and should not have to worry about market conditions or supply/demand of commodities. As your energy partner, navigating these costs is our specialty. Our professional consultants will perform a detailed analysis to determine your unique needs, discuss your specific goals, and provide a strategy to simplify your commodity procurement for maximum savings.

MSI offers tailored solutions for the most complex energy needs. We utilize our expertise and experience to develop and manage a comprehensive plan designed to keep your energy costs to a minimum. Energy prices are driven by many factors, such as weather, government regulations, outages, source fuels, and geopolitical events. These variables lead to greater competition between suppliers, as well as a plethora of data, which can be confusing. In an energy market that is forever growing and evolving, many new options are available.

Working with the nation’s largest and most reliable suppliers provides MSI with the advantage of offering competitive prices, energy efficiency products, and second-to-none customer service and convenience.  Our top 5 suppliers alone supply over 3 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of Natural Gas. Due to many new technologies and additional suppliers, there are now considerably more options in our ever-expanding network.

We are proud of our ongoing customer relationships and look forward to working with you to design a program matched with your specific needs.

MSI is very selective with regards to the suppliers we partner with. We currently work with approximately 30 suppliers covering all deregulated Natural Gas markets across the country. We look forward to putting our 25+ years of relationships and experience to work for you!

Pricing Plans:

  • Fixed Plans allow your costs to remain constant over a range of time. A fixed rate will provide budget certainty and help avoid price spikes due to changes in the market.
  • Index/NYMEX Plans are based on either the New York Mercantile Exchange or a local index. The billing rate will vary along with monthly market settlements.
  • Hybrid Contracts combine Fixed and Index/NYMEX pricing to provide you with a 100% customized solution for your Natural Gas requirements.