MSI Utilities is a trusted energy partner to thousands of businesses nationwide, providing customized energy procurement for electricity, natural gas, and propane, as well as solar energy and LED lighting upgrade solutions. Call us today for a free, no obligation energy quote.

Natural Gas

    • Fixed Plans allow your costs to remain constant over a range of time. A fixed rate will provide budget certainty and help avoid price spikes due to changes in the market.
    • Index/NYMEX Plans are based on either the New York Mercantile Exchange or a local index. The billing rate will vary along with monthly market settlements.
    • Hybrid Contracts combine Fixed and Index/NYMEX pricing to provide you with a 100% customized solution for your Natural Gas requirements.


    • Fixed Rate Plans provide budget certainty over the life of the contract and protect against extreme market volatility.
    • Variable Rate Plans are based on the monthly settlement of your local zone. The billing rate will vary each month. Variable Rate Plans are great for clients targeting lower prices in a declining market.
    • Hybrid Plans combine Fixed and Index pricing in a single contract, to provide you with a 100% customized solution for your Electricity requirements.

Solar Power

    • Solar energy is a 100% renewable source of power. Installing solar at your facility is a win on many fronts—with tremendous financial benefits, marketing firepower and a socially responsible investment that will last your business into the next generation.
    • MSI works with the area’s leading Energy Conservation specialist providing energy conservation systems and supplies to hospitals, schools,
    • municipalities, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and residential associations.

Energy Conservation

    • Everyone can benefit from Energy Conservation Systems. For example, savings are currently from 10-35% versus current electric bills, in the New Jersey Tri-state area.
    • 48 states have rebates and grants – Our consultant works with all of the utilities and the boards of public utilities.