Custom Solutions for Your Business

With so many choices available in today’s market, shopping for pricing and contract options for electric service can seem overwhelming. Suppliers do not always provide “apples to apples” information, which can make it even more difficult to identify the best option for your business. MSI eliminates the guesswork by assessing a range of factors for your business, which allows us to develop a long-term and successful plan to meet your needs.

In contrast to other energy sources, electricity is not easy to store. Therefore, it is subject to price fluctuations relative to supply and demand, as well as the seasonal (energy needs rise in the summer and winter) and ebb and flow of energy market cycles. Energy prices are also driven by many factors, such as weather, government regulations, outages, source fuels, and geopolitical events. When you partner with MSI for your electricity needs, you’ll receive the most competitive pricing available, as well as peace of mind in an ever-changing and growing market.

MSI has spent considerable time developing a proprietary system which compiles and compares daily pricing data from our extensive network of approximately 30 suppliers, covering all deregulated electric markets through the country. This allows us to find and provide the absolute lowest pricing available. MSI is active and licensed (where required) in every deregulated electric territory.

Regardless of how many locations you have, or how much electricity you consume, MSI will create a tailored solution for the specific energy needs of your organization.

Put MSI’s experience to work for your business. We will analyze your specific needs and requirements, and create a custom, long-term solution built just for you with not only the best pricing available, but also the backing of the best customer service in the industry.

Pricing Plans:

  • Fixed Rate Plans provide budget certainty over the life of the contract and protect against extreme market volatility.
  • Variable Rate Plans are based on the monthly settlement of your local zone. The billing rate will vary each month. Variable Rate Plans are great for clients targeting lower prices in a declining market.
  • Hybrid Plans combine Fixed and Index pricing in a single contract, to provide you with a 100% customized solution for your Electricity requirements.