New Mexico

MSI Utilities now services customers in the state of New Mexico.  MSI Utilities, will work as your energy management partner by creating innovative energy purchasing strategies. Electricity has been deregulated for some time and potential savings are tremendous.

Our No-Cost, No-Obligation approach has won the trust of thousands of businesses nationwide.  We have established a strong reputation as a trusted partner that delivers competitive energy rates, professional advise, and the best customer service in the industry!

Natural Gas

  • New Mexico Gas Company- (NMGCO)

Per New Mexico Gas Company there is a small exit fee when changing to a supplier.  “To calculate the exit fees or credits that may be assessed on your final bill from New Mexico Gas Company at the time of the actual transfer from sales service to transportation service, please enter your account number below. The exit fee or credit will be determined based on the twelve-month historical usage greater than 10,000 therms pursuant to NMPRC Rate No. 70”.

Electric Utility

  • No Savings available