MSI Utilities now services customers in the “Sunshine State” of Florida.  In recent years natural gas prices have been very volatile which created enormous savings opportunities for customers in Florida. MSI Utilities, works as your energy management partner.  We work with several suppliers in the Florida market that compete for your business everyday.  We have established a strong reputation as a trusted partner that delivers competitive energy rates, professional advise, and the best customer service in the industry!

Natural Gas

  • Central Florida Gas (CFG)
  • Florida City Gas (FCG)
  • Florida Public Utilities (FPU)
  • TECO Peoples Gas (PGS)


Electricity is not deregulated in Florida

To see your COUNTY information Utility / Population etc., click on the following link:  FLORIDA COUNTY PROFILES

To find out what utility is in your area click on the following link and type in your ZIP Code: GetGasFL

Zip Codes in Florida