Utility Auditing Services

Utility auditing can provide thousands of dollars in refunds and future reduced costs for your business.  MSIUtilities has partnered with a national auditing firm that provides these services at no added cost to our customers.   You are not charged if our company can not identify savings.  The auditing firm is paid on a percentage of the refund or rebate, If they are available.  And they are paid once the refunds have been received.  So there is no out of pocket expense for your company.   

Auditing Target Customers

Manufacturing Facilities: (including)

Commercial Properties Paper and Allied Products
Pulp Mills  Paper Mills
Box Manufacturers Textiles
Packaging  Fabricators
Machine Shops Chemical Companies
Pharmaceutical  Companies Food Bakeries
Research and development Linen Companies


Health & Retirement Communities/Facilities:

Assisted Living                                   Rehabilitative Centers

Alzheimer's Facilities                           Mental Retardation Residences 

Community Workshops                       Camps for Rehabilitation

Nursing Homes                       


Not-for-Profit schools, colleges, private schools, etc.          

Residential Property Management Companies:      

HOA’s -  Home Owners Associations

Residential Treatment Centers

Learning Centers for Disabled

Condominium Owner's Associations (COA's)

Time Shares  Hi-Rises, Mid-Rises

Growers (Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, etc)





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